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LGBT Inclusion vs. Invisibility

What is Invisibility?

Invisibility is about dissimulating parts of ourselves to protect ourselves from discrimination, stereotypes and negative judgments. It can concern our age, physical or psychological challenges, family responsibilities, our sexual orientation or any
personal situation.

Who is invisible?

We all are. 83% of gay people, 79% of people of color, 66% of women & even 45% of straight white men hide parts of themselves on a daily basis. Invisibility is not
a minority issue.

What consequences?

30% engagement 70% leave/drop outs
Invisibility hinders authentic social interactions, resulting in social isolation, interpersonal conflicts, stress and burn outs. Young people suffer the most severe impact.

No adequate response

90% of companies and institutions have anti-discrimination policies, but invisible factors remain neglected. What is not talked about, what is not seen, is not addressed.

How it works

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About us

Invisible Experience is a non-for-profit social enterprise
founded in 2010 and based in Geneva, Switzerland.

We help companies, youth organizations and cultural events develop inclusive environments, where everyone feels that they can be themselves,
in particular gay people.